Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is looming into a major problem world-over. The following problems are associated with MSW in general:
  • Increased household waste disposal due to change in life styles
  • Overflowing landfills and shortage of new locations for landfills
  • Increased transportation costs for hauling garbage over long distances
  • Co-mingled, un-segregated MSW including plastics, rubber etc
  • Leachate problems associated with landfills & spoiling aquifers
  • Rotting garbage deteriorating air quality
  • Complaints from local population
  • Existing methods to treat MSW such as Composting, Refuse Derived Fuels etc., take long time to process and release obnoxious odour into the atmosphere

Based on the above practical reasons, the Polycrack process is developed which has the following advantages over the conventional approach to treat MSW.
  • Pre-segregation not required
  • High tolerance to moisture
  • MSW processed within 24 hours
  • No landfill requirements
  • Enclosed plant working in a dust free environment
  • Excellent air quality surrounding the plant
  • No biological decomposition allowed as the MSW is treated as it is received
  • All constituents converted to valuable combustible fuels
  • Gas generated in the process is re-used to provide energy to the system
  • No atmospheric emissions except combustion gases, with pollutants less than prescribed norms
  • Low temperature process under atmospheric pressure conditions
  • Safe and efficient system with built-in safety features
  • PLC controlled operations, offer added efficient and safety
  • Low capital cost and low operating cost